New album out soon

KAVE – New album with Max Loderbauer, Stian Westerhus and Tobias Freund to be released soon

Das Filter Feature – 05.02.20

Samuel Rohrer © Camille Blake-30

“A pioneering spirit that draws up its very own cross between acoustically intensive, electronically shimmering components to form an idiosyncratic, arrhythmic hybrid of mystical dub, melodic surfaces and flickering beats and anti beats.” – Das Filter

New Album CONTINUAL DECENETERING out on February 7 2020

SamuelRohrer_Continual_Decentering_COVER“Rohrer is one of those rare alchemical explorers to have truly created a hybrid which is all his own, one that does not just exist to melt distinctions for its own sake, but is a natural result of years of experimentation with both the determination of electronic music and the ludic spirit of ‘free improvisation.’ On his newest offering, Continual Decentering, this vision is applied to a set of mostly in real time (live) performed explorations…” words by Thomas Bey William Bailey


New album Dark Star Safari out now

DSS cover 2“The noticeable lyric from the tranquil “White Rose” is “music is harder in the future”, and I can’t help but ponder over that thought. This quartet feels as though it has taken it upon itself to take music entirely out of what we would recognise as the Western tradition, to strip it down to emotion and feeling, relying on their intuition as to what works best and pursuing that unfailingly. It is a thing of great vision and also great beauty. You would be wise to snap it up quick.” –

To order the album, go to the labels Bandcamp page.
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