open source music

Demo_OpenSource_150dpiKlaus Gesing, Björn Meyer and Samuel Rohrer build a new trio and they just released a first demo. There will be more to come.


new band project

2014-01-27 13.11.17With Thomas Jeker we are working on new music for a new band project. During a minute off in the sun, we met a royal family member, which seems to be a good sign for future actions…

over and over again

2014-01-18 11.16.06

In that very moment, when flying becomes as natural as being strongly connected with the ground, you understand how little you need to do. Or how much. Nothing. And everything. To take space or to offer. To switch between action, reaction or being the observer. And the receiver. For inviting and sharing possibilities. Over and over again.

New band announcement/new demo

Codes_of_Nature_300Samuel Rohrer “codes of nature” – w/ Trygve Seim & Harmen Fraanje

A promissing trio is on its way. Trygve Seim on tenor sax, Harmen Fraanje  on piano and Samuel Rohrer had their first meeting for a demo recording last August in Berlin. More events will come up soon.


ambiq – new release on arjunamusic

ambiqThe release of ambiq, the new group with Max Loderbauer on buchla200e, Claudio Puntin on clarinets/electronics and Samuel Rohrer on drums/electronics gets closer. The release will be on February 14. The official prerelease we will celebrate at the WDR Jazzfestival on Fabruary 1st 2014. as official premiere of the band.


First tour

The first small swiss tour with Klaus Gesing on bass clarinet, Björn Meyer on electric bass and Samuel Rohrer on drums was a wonderful start of a new journey. Some more concerts will take place in February 2014 in Iran, Austria and Germany.

New Release November 15

cover“from the inside of a cloud”, recorded live in Munich, with Daniel Erdmann, Vincent Courtois & Frank Möbus, will be released on arjunamusic November 15

Noreia at the Leipzig Jazzfestival 2013

“If jazz first and foremost means the desire to surprise, Samuel Rohrer’s Trio Noreia could be considered one of the top acts of the 37th Leipziger Jazztage festival. In unusual instrumentation with percussion, baritone bass guitar and clarinets, varying sound patterns were magically created that transcended and broadened horizons. From the silence, Rohrer and Claudio Puntin, the two Swiss living in Berlin, let their sumptuously exciting cineastic sound grow with luxuriant power against the dark string magic of the Icelander Skuli Sverrisson.”…
Leipziger Volkszeitung 7.10.2013