samuel rohrer – harmen fraanje

Harmen Samuel DUOSamuel Rohrer – Harmen Fraanje Duo
This new duo constellation creates a wonderful open environment for those listeners who also act as practitioners of music in their own right. Its contemplative, mantra-like and of a modest beauty that is never simple. In the delicate duo sound, the way in which power lies in calmness is presented confidently and as a function of total equality. The musicians work with shades, nuances and details. One subtly responds to the other. Space remains between the notes. It is music of timeless beauty. Yet it is also new, as a consequence of its mellow thoughtfulness. There is no boasting or overwhelming. Here sounds are celebrated in reciprocal interplay, gently soaring. – When listening to this music, doors open, the horizon broadens and in the most beautiful moments the listener experiences the feeling of time gained. In a very inspiring and inspired way something is created here that is greater than the sum of its parts: a real community. And its visions are transmitted to the listener.