Linernotes by Ulrich Steinmetzger for NOREIA

Everything flows. One element gives way gently to another with the new element then emerging logically. This music generates strong images in the mind grounded in harmony. Yet nothing here drifts in the shallows. What you hear is of exhilarating energy, conjuring daydream-like atmospheres, and has a sumptuous magic that goes straight to the heart. Everything belongs together, even elements that roughen the idyll, for only then can something greater be created. The compositions of Samuel Rohrer, the Swiss percussionist living in Berlin, are concerned with this flow of life. His wonderfully sharp groove seems new on every hearing. And with it he underlays highly melodious songs without words and drives them forward so that they gain a life of their own. Pure small floating worlds full of wonder are created as a result. They seem almost tangible and yet still retain their mystery. The music moves between euphoric exuberance and melancholy reflectiveness, producing a bountiful harvest. From a deep foundation, it ascends to look at what lies behind. To this end, it opens doors and windows to the outside, like in a painting by Magritte. Inspired tones sail before the horizon. Warm, organic and balanced, an almost tangible nexus of sound is created. None has to emerge as a soloist here. What counts is a balanced group sound, which always amazes with new finesses. The space is illuminated with depth of focus and is full of detail. The listener is invited to feel good. This is the convincing document of a new encounter between composition and improvisation. This music has something to say without being loquacious. It gets to the point from where things might continue.